The Island Imagined is an online collection of historic maps of Prince Edward Island. The collection features maps, atlases, books, images, and documents from the Prince Edward Island Public Archives and Records Office, the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation, and the Robertson Library at the University of Prince Edward Island. The Island Imagined contains over 1,000 maps including an early map of the region cir 1574 attributed to Giacomo Gastaldi and features a digitized version of Meacham's Atlas from 1880.

The Island Imagined was made possible by the financial support of the Department of nadian Heritage through the nadian Culture Online Program.
These maps tell the story of the settling and colonization of Prince Edward Island. But this island, Epekwitk, has a rich history starting long before these maps were written. From time immemorial through to the present day, this land has been the home of the Mi'kmaq. The Mi'kmaq Confederacy of PEI has created a map of Mi'kmaw traditional land use, incorporating Mi'kmaw place names as well as historil documents. It is now hosted by L'nuey.  Epekwitk Place Names (via L'nuey)